Charm & Chain Band


Charm & Chain is a four piece original groove-rock band based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Beginning in late 2012 as singer/songwriter Laurie Kudis's (keys/vocals) solo project with the release of 'Heliacal Rise', a full band rapidly assembled and began writing and performing locally.  Eric Koester (bass/vocals) and Ben Sukenik (drums/vocals) were integral in defining the sound and in writing new material for the release of I Know What You Are (2014) and along with Laurie, form the current line-up. Eric DiFiore (guitar/vocals) joined the group in 2015 and the chemistry between the four was instant. The members of Charm & Chain challenge and inspire each other musically and feed off of each others' energy and intensity.  Pulling from a deep vault of influences, Charm & Chain likes to explore spacey psychedelic grooves, earthy rock jams, shimmery and engaging melodies, and provocative lyrics. Expect a new, original LP release from Charm & Chain in the near future!



Laurie Kudis - Vocals and Keys
Eric Koester - Bass and Vocals
Eric DiFiore - Guitar and Vocals
Ben Sukenik - Drums and Vocals